Clinic Introduction Eye Care February 6, 2020

EyeOnce Clinic Gangnam

Clinic Introduction

No unnecessary diagnoses - we only provide what is right for you
EyeOnce Clinic Gangnam
" The most important value for humans is happiness "
We believe that genuine medical care does not end at the clinic, but rather it extends on in our patients’ daily lives. By taking care of our patients’ health, we provide happiness and also receive happiness through their well-being. Medical practice requires consistent research and development to find the cause of the disease, and we feel great joy when sharing this knowledge to heal others. At EyeOnce Clinic Gangnam, we will always strive to develop our skills for the health and happiness of our patients.

EyeOnce Clinic Gangnam CEO
Baek Dong Won
Gangnam EyeOnce Clinic’s 3 pillars

Only eyes - experts in our field

Starting as university hospital professors then working as part of a research team, we are experts who have relentlessly studied this specialty.

We promise to continually study ophthalmology and advance our knowledge to provide the utmost care for our patients.


Sharing, Reward, and Joy

EyeOnce Clinic Gangnam contributes to a variety of organizations to aid those who are in need of vision and ophthalmic care. It is our joy and promise to provide to those whom we can help.

The value of happiness

Happiness comes from a healthy body and mind. EyeOnce Clinic Gangnam works to grant happiness to our patients by means of eye health care and peace of mind.

Gangnam EyeOnce Clinic’s 3P
Treatment in accordance with
our principles
Precise examination and
Patient - Oriented
Patient-focused, personalized