premium equipment Eye Care September 26, 2022

The first step to an accurate diagnosis!

Introducing our premium equipment

Gangnam EyeOnce Clinic uses medical technology more advanced than university hospitals
EyeOnce Clinic Gangnam’s
Premium Examination Equipment
To minimize the risk of any side effects, EyeOnce Clinic Gangnam performs around 50 eye examinations using our premium technology for a safe and accurate diagnosis. We will protect your eyes by preventing any eye diseases or by detecting existing conditions early on for healthy eyes.
KR-800 (Corneal curvature detector)
Just by having the patient look at the target inside the machine, it is able to measure the corneal curvature of the patient’s eye. This equipment can detect faults in the eye that cause myopia, farsightedness, or astigmatism, which is effectively used for cataract surgery or curvature correction surgeries.
SP-1P (Corneal endothelial cell inspector)
This machine inspects the endothelial cells of the cornea. It is essential to be used prior to vision correction or cataract surgeries as it ensures that the cornea is suitable for a safe surgery.
CT-80 (Contactless intraocular pressure gauge)
The contactless intraocular pressure gauge is the simplest ophthalmic diagnostic tool. When screening for high or low intraocular pressure, and it is difficult to use the Goldmann applanation tonometer, the CT-80 is used to check for disease and pressure.
Maestro OCT (Corneal CT Camera)
This machine can get a detailed image of the cornea and optic nerve. It is nicknamed the ‘Eye CT’ as it can accurately inspect a cross-section of the eye.
Lens Meter (Glasses prescription Meter)
This tool is used to measure prescription in eye glasses and contact lenses.
Humphrey Visual Field (visual field tester)
This machine is used to detect and inspect glaucoma in the eyes.
AB-SCAN (Ultrasound)
The A-SCAN is vital for determining the level of prescription of artificial lenses in cataract surgery. The B-SCAN produces a two-dimensional cross section of the eye and is used to evaluate diseases.
Pentacam (Corneal Topography)
This machine measures the entire anterior chamber of the eye, even capturing miniscule movements in the patient’s eye. Its images are much more precise and accurate than other topography equipment
Daytona Optos (Ultra-wide field retinal scanner)
A non-mydriatic, ultra-wide field digital laser ophthalmoscope. It provides high-resolution images of the retina and its periphery, which allows clear inspection of diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, retinal degeneration, or retinal detachment.
IOL Master 700 (Contactless Cataract Ophthalmoscope)
The IOL Master 700 from ZEISS is a contactless, non-invasive method for accurately capturing the eye’s length. This is used when determining the exact prescription of the artificial IOL lens in cataract treatment surgery.
OCULUSK5M (Dry-Eye Keratograph)
Unique features of this machine include examining the meibomian glands, non-invasive tear film break-up time and the tear meniscus height measurement and evaluating the lipid layer.
Slit Lamp (Polar microscope)
This high magnification microscope allows doctors to take a closer look at different structures at the front of the eye and inside the eye.
EyeOnce Clinic Gangnam’s
Premium Surgical Equipment
EyeOnce Clinic Gangnam only uses the best world-class equipment. This is our promise for patient safety and satisfaction guaranteed.
SYL 9000 (secondary cataract laser)
This laser is used for secondary cataract surgery. It can correct secondary cataracts quickly without the patient needing to be hospitalized. It is crucial for iris laser incisions prior to narrow-angle glaucoma treatment and ICL surgery.
Ex500 (Excimer laser)
The EX 500 possesses an impressive speed of 500Hz, 6D eye tracking, decreased cutting, and intelligent heat control technology. It is far more precise and safer than other lasers and thus is a staple in our operation room.
Aquacel (Dry-Eye Treatment)
The AQUACELL IPL laser changes light energy to heat, which then melts any solidified lipid layers of the meibomian glands. The heat treatment will help reactivate oil secretion and heal any infections within the eye to treat dry-eye syndrome.
Lightlas532 (Retina laser)
This machine is used to safely treat glaucoma and also retinal diseases such as diabetic retinas, retinal hemorrhage, or detachment of the retina.
FEMTO LDV Z8 (Cataract surgery equipment)
The FEMTO LDV Z8 is the latest laser used in cataract surgery. Its safeness has been acknowledged by professionals, and it boasts an impressive speed roughly 100 times faster than pre-existing lasers.
Centurion (Cataract surgery equipment)
When using traditional cataract surgery equipment, there is a high risk of fluctuations in pressure within the eye. However, the “Centurion Vision System” detects any changes in eye pressure and automatically adjusts accordingly. It is one of the world’s most safe and efficient, premium-quality equipment that is a staple in any hospital performing cataract surgery.
STATIM 2000/5000 (Sterile disinfection equipment)
This machine perfectly disinfects surgical tools, even more meticulously than high-pressure steam sterilizers that have difficulty disinfecting mold spores and strains.
Lumera I (Cataract Surgery microscope)
This microscope is generally only used in high-profile university hospitals, as it is several levels more advanced than regular surgical microscopes. It includes spectacular features such as Retinal Protection Device for patient safety.