PRESBYOPIA Eye Care September 25, 2022

A common appearance in the early to mid-40s!


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Normal vision
Presbyopia vision
What is Presbyopia?
As people age, the lens in the eye gets harder and less flexible, which causes it to stop focusing light correctly on the retina. This makes nearby objects appear blurry.
Symptoms of Presbyopia
Difficulty reading small letters
Blurred vision at far distances
Eyestrain or headaches after reading
Symptoms worsen in the dark and you experience difficulty driving at night
Presbyopia Treatment Methods
Reading glasses


Contact lenses


Lens Implants


Corrective Surgery


Types of Presbyopia
Normal Presbyopia
Near-sighted Presbyopia
Far-sighted Presbyopia
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In general, presbyopia-correcting cataract surgery is only needed once in a lifetime.

The results of corrective surgery are semi-permanent given that no other eye diseases such as glaucoma or macular degeneration arise.

Presbyopia Surgery Precautions