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ICL Lens Implantation Surgery

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ICL Lens Implantation Surgery
What is ICL Lens Implantation Surgery?
Without removing the lens, an EVO AQUA ICL is implanted in between the eye’s lens and iris to correct myopia. It is often used to revise severe myopia. With ICL lens implantation surgery, you can enjoy enhanced vision from all distances.
A safe lens implantation
with no need for iridotomy
Preserve the cornea
Aqua ICL does not require any corneal tissue removal. It is suitable even for people with thin corneas
Comprehensive vision correction
AquaICL can correct even severe cases of myopia/astigmatism
Less complications
Less emergence of dry-eye syndrome, night glares, light halos, and reduced risk of glaucoma or iritis
1Day Surgery
With no need for iridotomy, after a full examination surgery is possible on the same day
Quick recovery
Due to the small incision area, patients can generally return to their daily lives the next day
UV protection
Protects against UVA · UVB rays that enter the eye
ICL lens implantation surgery is a highly safe
surgery as it does not require corneal
tissue removal or incision of the iris.
Regular ICL lens
EVO+ Aqua ICL lens
Through small perforations in the middle and around the perimeter of the lens, water flow is maintained within the eye which removes the need to cut the iris. Also, due to the bio-compatible collamer materials used, risks of dry-eye syndrome, night glares or corneal clouding are highly reduced.
ICL Lens Implantation Surgery
Make a small corneal incision of around 3mm


The artificial lens is inserted


The artificial lens is adjusted to sit in front of the iris


The artificial lens is fixed in between the iris and the eye’s lens


Good Candidates for ICL Lens Implantation Surgery
The artificial lens is inserted
Those with very large pupils at night
Those with thin corneas who may not qualify for LASIK, LASEK
Those with very dry eyes
Those with corneal injury or disease
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The artificial lenses used in ICL Lens implantation surgery are made with a special material that is different from regular lenses, called collamer. It is a highly biocompatible and safe material, but it is still recommended that regular check-ups are done on a yearly basis following surgery.

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