Myodesopsia Eye Care September 22, 2022

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Myodesopsia (floaters)

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Myodesopsia (floaters)
Normal vision
Vision with Myodesopsia
What is myodesopsia?
Factors such as old age or eye disease cause condensations in the vitreous, which is a gel-like substance in the back of the eye. These condensations cast shadows on the retina as light passes the eye and it looks like there are floaters in our field of vision. This is called myodesopsia (floaters), and it is nicknamed the “flying flies syndrome” because the floaters resemble flies.
Myodesopsia symptoms
There are floaters that resemble flies in your field of vision
You see flashing lights when you close or open your eyes
There are string-like shadows in your field of vision
You see cobwebs when you open your eyes
Myodesopsia diagnosis and treatment methods
Polar lamp examination


Fundus examination


Mydriasis (dilated pupils) examination


Laser treatment


Causes of myodesopsia
Retinal tears or retinal detachment
Diabetic retinopathy
Physical eye trauma
Changes to the vitreous
Retinal vascular obstruction
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Myodesopsia alone will not lead to vision loss. However, the condition is caused by contusions in the retina and if it develops into retinal detachment, there is a risk of vision loss. Therefore, it is essential that you get it checked at a hospital.

Ways to prevent myodesopsia