Choosing the Right Lens for You Eye Care March 12, 2024

Choosing the Right Lens for You

Multifocal lenses— often hailed as optical marvels—are designed to provide a seamless transition between different visual distances, catering to both near and far vision needs. Unlike traditional lenses, multifocal lenses eliminate the hassle of switching between multiple pairs.

At the forefront of this optical revolution is Eyeonce Eye Clinic, a renowned eye center known for its commitment to providing top-notch eye care services in South Korea. Our dedicated team headed by Head Director, Paik Dong Won and Medical Director, Jung Sae Rom adopts and implements the latest advancements in vision correction, including multifocal lenses.

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What are multifocal lenses for?

Multifocal lenses are a revolutionary solution designed to address the vision needs of individuals who experience difficulty focusing on both near and distant objects. Moreover, here are some of the key purposes of multifocal lenses:

  • Near Vision – Multifocal lenses are equipped with a dedicated portion, often at the bottom of the lens, designed for close-up tasks such as reading, knitting, or any activity requiring a sharp focus on nearby objects.
  • Intermediate Vision – In addition to near vision, multifocal lenses include a middle section that aids in tasks like computer work or viewing objects at an intermediate distance. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who spend extended periods working on digital devices.
  • Distance Vision – The upper portion of multifocal lenses is tailored for distance vision, allowing wearers to see clearly when looking at objects or scenes in the distance. This is essential for activities like driving or enjoying outdoor views.

Our expert ophthalmologists at Eyeonce Eye Clinic understand that multifocal lenses are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, they take a comprehensive approach, conducting thorough eye examinations to determine the most suitable multifocal lens solution for each patient. This commitment to personalized care sets Eyeonce apart as a trusted partner on the journey to a clear and seamless vision.

What are the types of multifocal lenses?

Eyeonce Eye Clinic offers a comprehensive range of multifocal lenses, each designed to cater to specific visual needs and preferences.

  • Progressive Lenses – Offering a smooth progression of prescription strengths, these lenses provide a seamless shit from distance to near vision without visible lines. Progressive lenses are perfect for those who seek a natural-looking solution.
  • Bifocal Lenses – Characterized by a visible line dividing lens, bifocals address two prescriptions, typically for distance and near vision. Ideal for individuals with specific vision needs.
  • Trifocal Lenses – Taking it further, trifocal lenses incorporate a third prescription for intermediate vision. Trifocal lenses serve as a three-in-one solution as they cover distance, intermediate, and near vision within a single lens. They are suited for tasks like computer work.

Dr. Paik Dong Won and Dr. Jung Sae Rom always guide our patients toward the most suitable multifocal lens type based on their lifestyle, visual demands, and overall eye health. By offering a diverse range of options, Eyeonce Eye Clinic ensures that our patients can find the perfect multifocal solution tailored to their unique requirements, contributing to a seamless and enhanced visual experience.


How to choose the right multifocal lens?

Choosing the right multifocal lens is a pivotal decision that involves thoughtful consideration of various factors to ensure optimal vision correction such as:

  • Prescription Strength – Our eye care professionals at Eyeonce Eye Clinic conduct a thorough eye examination to precisely determine the prescription strengths needed for each zone. They assess the specific prescription requirements for distance, intermediate, and near vision.
  • Lifestyle – Lifestyle plays a significant role in selecting the right multifocal lens. Individuals with active lifestyles may benefit from certain types of lenses, while those with extensive computer use might require a lens optimized for intermediate vision. Eyeonce Eye Clinic takes into account daily activities and habits to recommend lenses that seamlessly integrate into one’s routine.
  • Personal Preferences – Understanding personal preferences is key to ensuring satisfaction with multifocal lenses. Some individuals may prefer the aesthetic of progressive lenses without visible lines. Our eye care professionals at Eyeonce respect and consider these preferences in guiding patients toward the most suitable choice.
  • Consultation with Eye Care Professional – Eyeonce Eye Clinic strongly advocates for consulting with our experienced eye care professionals. Our team is dedicated to providing individualized attention, conducting comprehensive eye exams, and offering expert advice based on years of experience and expertise in multifocal lens technology.
  • Trial and Adaptation – Trying out different multifocal lens options is often part of the process. Eyeonce facilitates this by providing trial lenses, allowing our patients to experience firsthand how each lens type performs in their daily activities. This trial-and-error approach ensures that the chosen lens aligns perfectly with the wearer’s visual needs.

By emphasizing these considerations and encouraging open communication with our eye care professionals, we can confidently choose the right multifocal lens for you. This personalized approach enhances the overall experience, contributing to a clear and comfortable vision tailored to the unique requirements of each patient.

What are the common misconceptions about multifocal lenses?

Embarking on the journey of understanding multifocal lenses often involves navigating through a maze of myths and misconceptions such as:

Myth: Multifocal lenses are only for the elderly

Truth: Multifocal lenses are not exclusive to the elderly. While they are often associated with addressing presbyopia, a natural aging condition affecting near vision, multifocal lenses benefit individuals seeking a versatile vision solution, catering to a broad spectrum of age groups.

Myth: Transitioning to multifocal lenses is difficult

Truth: Transitioning to multifocal lenses is not as challenging as commonly believed. With proper guidance and adaptation strategies, most wearers seamlessly adjust to multifocal lenses. It is essential to recognize that the initial adjustment period is normal, and our experienced eye care professionals at Eyeonce provide the necessary support to ensure a smooth transition.

Myth: Multifocal lenses compromise clarity

Truth: In truth, advancements in lens technology have led to sophisticated designs that provide clear and sharp vision at all distances. The multifocal lenses are crafted to enhance visual acuity and offer a seamless transition between near and far vision without sacrificing clarity.

Myth: Multifocal lenses are one-size-fits-all

Truth: Contrary to the belief that multifocal lenses are a generic solution, Eyeonce Eye Clinic recognizes that each individual has unique visual needs. Our approach involves personalized consultation, thorough eye examinations, and a range of multifocal lens options to ensure that the chosen solution aligns perfectly with the wearer’s requirements. Multifocal lenses are not one-size-fits-all, and our team is dedicated to finding the right fit for every patient.

By dispelling these myths and presenting the truth of multifocal lenses, Eyeonce aims to provide clarity not only in vision but also in understanding the accessibility and adaptability of this innovative eyewear solution for individuals of all ages.

Who are the ideal candidates for multifocal lenses?

Determining the best candidates for multifocal lenses involves a nuanced evaluation of various factors to ensure optimal visual outcomes such as:

  • Active outdoor enthusiasts
  • Artists and crafters
  • Frequent travelers
  • Students and scholars
  • Individuals with astigmatism
  • Corporate professionals
  • Individuals with dry eyes
  • Presbyopia sufferers
  • Digital enthusiasts

By tailoring recommendations to the specific needs and preferences of each individual, Eyeonce ensures that multifocal lenses are prescribed to those who will experience the maximum benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Multifocal lenses are ideal if you experience difficulty focusing on both near and distant objects.

Yes. A comprehensive eye examination and prescription are necessary for accurate multifocal lens selection.

No. Multifocal lenses benefit individuals of all ages.


Multifocal lenses represent a transformative leap in the realm of vision correction, reshaping how we perceive and interact with the world around us. Why wait? Take the leap into enhanced visual experiences and consider the possibilities that multifocal lenses can unlock for you. Book an appointment with Eyeonce Eye Clinic today and experience the clarity, convenience, and innovation that multifocal lenses bring to your daily life.