Glaucoma is globally one of the leading causes of vision impairment, third to refractive errors and cataracts. It causes irreversible vision loss when left untreated. This has become a significant issue worldwide, and multiple programs have been implemented to decrease the rate of visual blindness. EyeOnce Eye Clinic has been actively partnering with various medical organizations to bring eye health care conveniently to those who need it. With our highly advanced equipment and well-skilled surgeons, we have been a beacon of hope for those who have lost sight literally.

Early prevention of glaucoma can significantly slow down the progression of the disease. However, glaucoma is difficult to diagnose in the first place as it does not show any suggestive signs and symptoms until the disease sets in late.  Experienced ophthalmologists highly advise that individuals aged 45 years and over have routine eye examinations every 1-2 years to check their overall eye health for any conditions that may hinder the functional and aesthetic purposes of the eyes. It is not to say that glaucoma may not affect young adults because the disease does not have a specific target age population. Children and young adults that may show symptoms of visual disability are better examined as early as possible for proper diagnosis and management. It is imperative to have an awareness of one’s eye health, as prevention is always the best cure.

There are numerous eye clinics in the area, but only a few can offer the finest services and quality surgical procedures with a 100% success rate. EyeOnce Eye Clinic has been rewarded for its exemplary practice of providing eye care through its knowledgeable medical team and premium equipment, primarily housing the gold-standard equipment for diagnosing glaucoma – the Humphrey Field Analyzer.

A visual field test is one of the most crucial parts of a glaucoma diagnosis. The purpose of having one is to detect changes in one’s peripheral vision and is often repeated periodically to determine if the disease, such as glaucoma, is stable or getting worse. Technically called a perimetry exam, it is the primary method to evaluate visual function in glaucoma, although advancements in imaging technology are gradually rising. Humphrey Field Analyzer is one of the visual field tests that can identify glaucoma progression in the eyes. EyeOnce Eye Clinic houses this diagnostic tool and employs the medical team’s expertise to produce accurate results for optimal surgical outcomes.


Glaucoma is an eye condition that can cause total vision loss if left untreated. It is characterized by the abnormally high intraocular pressure surrounding the eyes damaging the optic nerve. It also causes restricted blood flow to the eyes, further damaging the nerves and causing increased vision loss. Although knowing if one has acquired the condition will be challenging, a few signs and symptoms can signify if an individual has glaucoma.

  1. The feeling of gradually having diminished vision
  2. When the patient sees halos and rainbows around bright lights
  3. The feeling of having or seeing foreign substances in the eyes
  4. When the patient has regular headaches, nausea, and eye redness.

These symptoms may be too subjective and difficult to recognize as they can appear subtle as one eye can compensate for the other. Determining the suitable treatment method for an individual will depend on the diagnostic assessment done on the patient. One critical method that is essential for diagnosing glaucoma is the visual field test. And several types of machines can perform this test. The gold standard for glaucoma visual field testing is the Humphrey Field Analyzer developed by Zeiss, Co.

Usually, patients with glaucoma start to lose vision from the peripheral, eventually affecting their central vision. However, sometimes, patients lose their central vision early in the disease, causing vision loss. So, it is essential to undergo an official visual field testing as soon as symptoms persist.

The visual field is the extent of an area visible to an individual during steady fixation of the eye in any gaze or direction. After a series of diagnostic tests, a visual field test is usually done repeatedly to establish a baseline of measurement data and to monitor glaucoma over time continuously. A visual field test is the most helpful measure among diagnostic tests for glaucoma since it helps the ophthalmologists know how well you are seeing it currently and in the future. EyeOnce Eye Clinic guarantees accurate and precise diagnostic results with our advanced and premium equipment to give our patients only the best eye health service. 


The Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA) provides advanced analysis of the eye affected with comprehensive connectivity options. It has been validated by more than 30 years of research, design, and clinical experience and is considered the golden standard in perimetry, especially for diagnosing and managing glaucoma. Perimetry is a tool that helps assess glaucoma, optic neuropathies, and other conditions affecting the optic nerves. It also acts as a guide for determining if the chosen treatment works. It displays excellent exam reliability due to its fixation monitoring that automatically tracks and aligns the head and eye position.

During the examination, there is no need for dilatation. The basic procedure for a diagnostic exam with the Humphrey Field Analyzer consists of the following steps.

  1. The patient will be assessed first, and once they are ready to be examined, they will be situated in front of the HFA, where their head is placed on the chin rest.
  2. The patient will be asked to look at a light source straight ahead into the instrument, and light rays of different intensities are flashed from random zone points in the visual field or peripheral vision.
  3. The patient will be given a button to press, and each time they see the light, they will have to press the button, which the HFA will then record.
  4. The examination findings will give the ophthalmologists an idea of the extent and depth of field loss, which helps the medical team understand the disease’s severity.

With the Humphrey Field Analyzer, EyeOnce Eye Clinic is confident to provide the best possible care for our patients in addition to our medical team’s expertise and state-of-the-art facilities.


Among the eye clinics in South Korea, EyeOnce Eye Clinic has been rewarded with being the No. 1 provider of eye healthcare services. We provide no unnecessary diagnoses, only straightforward and optimal results. At EyeOnce Eye Clinic, we provide our patients only with accurate and precise diagnostic results if they display early signs of visual blindness. With our premium equipment and the finest facilities, we can give you the medical service you deserve. We offer numerous glaucoma treatment options that best suit your condition after our medical team has evaluated and examined you with our highly advanced diagnostic equipment. Visit us in our clinic or book an appointment for a comprehensive consultation with our medical team. We welcome you with open arms and guarantee you healthy eyes as you leave our premises.


Before advances in automated perimetry, the standard threshold for visual field testing lasted for 15-20 minutes per eye, depending on the patient’s reliability and monitoring by the operator, making it difficult to obtain accurate data. However, the latest model of the Humphrey Field Analyzer utilizes a new and advanced algorithm called the SITA (Swedish Threshold Interactive Algorithm), which introduces reduced testing times to 3-6 minutes per eye and increased accuracy in visual field testing for glaucoma.

The HFA may be used on all adults and children over six years old, if necessary or in need of diagnostic evaluation of the eye. The patients must also have a minimum vision of 3/60. A general requirement for those examined with the HFA is to sit upright and place their face on the chin and forehead rest of the equipment.