Visual impairment is one of the top hindrances to one’s daily life. It can either slow you down or ultimately interfere with your daily activities. Patients may initially deny that they are starting to have blurry vision or visual acuity. And that deters them from seeking professional help to solve their eye problems. However, once you have understood the importance of eye healthcare, your life will be a breeze without the visual burden to stop you from living your daily life. Taking the first step is always the hardest but the most crucial. Accepting help from our trusted medical professionals will allow you to experience a better and healthier vision. At EyeOnce Eye Clinic, we value your happiness not only during your visit for a consultation and evaluation but also when you finish your eye surgery with us. We offer premium eye care services to the best of our abilities.

It is essential to have the proper diagnosis to undergo the correct treatment. There are dozens of eye clinics worldwide, so finding the perfect team that matches your eye health goals and guarantees a high satisfaction rate would be challenging. Here at EyeOnce Eye Clinic, we have everything for you, from board-certified and highly experienced ophthalmologists, optometrists, and surgeons, to trained staff that will make you comfortable and has high-functioning facilities and advanced diagnostic tools. We have dozens of eye examination equipment for different kinds of eye issues. We ensure that our equipment is at its top performance by continuously maintaining its functionality and calibration before using it during an assessment. One of our finest eye diagnostic machines is the CT-80, which screens for the degree of intraocular pressure of the eye. Having either a low or high intraocular pressure can pose varied eye conditions that need immediate attention to prevent it from progressing. With EyeOnce Eye Clinic’s CT-80, you can be examined with the most straightforward equipment by trusted experts in our medical team. As a result, you get to improve and restore your vision.


Intraocular pressure measurement, or IOP measurement, is essential for a sound and complete diagnosis. This is especially vital for ocular hypertension (OHT) and glaucoma patients. IOP is the pressure inside the eyes to maintain balance, standard structure, and functionality. Specifically, it is determined by the balance of the eye’s aqueous humor and how easily it leaves the eyes.

According to various research and continuous diagnostic examinations, the correlation between IOP and glaucoma has been significantly noted. IOP measurement is a primary factor in formulating an accurate and precise treatment plan for glaucoma patients.  The average intraocular pressure (IOP) value is estimated at 15 mmHg, and a range of 10 – 21 mmHg is considered normal. It is said that the higher the IOP, the greater the chance that eye blindness could occur. Thus, records of how IOP is measured using different, developing instruments have greatly helped treat eye diseases such as glaucoma.

The gold-standard technique in IOP measurement is known as Goldmann applanation tonometry. Applanation tonometry is a procedure where the eyes’ corneal area is gently forced to flatten to an extent to determine the ocular pressure. It is considered the most reliable equipment to measure accurate ocular pressure values. However, this diagnostic procedure often involves anesthetics and several corneal parameters that can be difficult for patients. Hence, various tonometers have been developed in this modern age to center on the patient’s comfort and produce precise IOP measurements.


The new computerized tonometer CT-80 incorporates innovative features to make IOP measurements effortless. The contactless intraocular pressure gauge is the most straightforward ophthalmic diagnostic tool. This advanced eye examination equipment is highly recommended for convenient screening of high or low intraocular pressure, as an accurate guide to diagnose diseases, and when using a Goldmann applanation tonometer is challenging.

Unlike conventional tonometers, CT-80 is a computerized tonometer that improves efficiency and patient comfort without anesthesia while producing exact and accurate measurement data. The CT-80 is patient-centered equipment since there is no contact between the cornea and the machine. It is mainly for patients that may not tolerate anesthetics and those at greater risk of infection.

It has proven helpful for post-operative patients with lid edema, ocular pain, and those who have undergone LASIK surgeries. It considers the central corneal thickness, unlike other traditional tonometers, preventing false positive results.

Features of the CT-80

Topcon Healthcare prides itself on creating eye diagnostic tools perfect for patients and the operator. At EyeOnce Eye Clinic, we only invest in equipment that can provide the best care to our patients. We choose durable and high-functioning types of diagnostic tools to aid us in planning proper personalized treatments. We ensure your safety and comfort during and after your consultation and eye assessment. One of the classic eye equipment available at EyeOnce Eye Clinic is the CT-80, which offers many features that can provide highly satisfying results.

1.Fast and easy IOP measurement – the interval between taking measurements is shortened to reduce the examination time and provide patients more comfort.

2.Triple Safety Function – as much as it can provide comfort, the CT-80 guarantees the safety of both the operator and the patient with its adjustable safety stopper, a visual warning to guide the patient in alignment, and a warning buzzer to signify that the cornea and instrument are too close to each other.

3.Soft Air Puff – it provides a non-contact examination where applanation is done through air puffs on the cornea to obtain IOP values, thus enhancing the patient’s comfort.

4.Innovative dual sensor measuring system – CT-80 tonometer’s dual sensor (one for light and the other for pressure) provides highly accurate IOP measurements without the influence of atmospheric pressure.

5.Internal Fixation Target – Infrared lighting provides the primary illumination for the CT-80: eliminating the need for harsh, bright alignment lighting and increasing patient comfort.


One must consider different factors when choosing a clinic that will guide them to a better vision. Here at EyeOnce Eye Clinic, we are readily available for your needs. As the No. 1 Eye Clinic in Korea, we offer unique and premium eye care services from our knowledgeable medical team to highly advanced technology and facilities. We value your opinions and consider your goals and needs for a healthier and more vibrant vision.

We guarantee high satisfaction results throughout the diagnostic procedure and surgery proper. Our medical team is well-versed in handling the CT-80 computerized tonometer to deliver accurate and precise results and develop a customized treatment plan just for you.

Glaucoma is one of the most common eye conditions that older people suffer from. With the CT-80, you can be adequately diagnosed and treated, preventing the unnecessary progression of the disease. EyeOnce Eye Clinic believes that prevention is always better than cure. Hence, we encourage you to come and visit us for a free consultation. Let EyeOnce Eye Clinic help you overcome your fear and guide you to the next step towards clearer and improved vision. Feel free to contact us through our website and book a one-on-one consultation. Invest in your eye health and see how it can change your life!