People often take for granted the importance of eye health and its significance in daily life. Contrary to popular belief, investing in one’s eye health must not be considered a luxury as it is a need and a basic necessity to live with functional eyes. With the proper diagnosis, eye disease progression can be prevented and treated earlier.

At EyeOnce Eye Clinic, we value how essential it is to have better eyesight. And we help our patients realize this. We offer various diagnostic procedures to create an elaborate treatment plan customized to their needs. As a result, they come out of our clinic feeling satisfied, healthy, and happy.

Proper diagnosis factors in how extensive the medical professional’s knowledge and the examination technique they possess. With the right equipment, medical professionals can create sound and accurate diagnoses for the patient. In this manner of saying, EyeOnce Eye Clinic has catered to hundreds of patients and guaranteed the success of each procedure. To get with the times, EyeOnce Eye Clinic has used advanced technology to aid our medical team during the examination process. Diagnostic machines such as the SP-1P, the next generation in specular microscopy, are available in our clinic as an innovative feature during the examination procedure.

EyeOnce Eye Clinic is ready to diagnose any eye disease with our trained medical professionals and state-of-the-art equipment. Almost 13 million people globally have corneal blindness, making it one of the most prevalent causes of avoidable visual impairment. Through proper diagnosis, these eye conditions, such as corneal blindness, can be prevented and treated earlier. The Specular Microscope SP-1P is one of the diagnostic machines that can be significantly helpful in managing such eye conditions. It is primarily used to inspect the corneal endothelial cells for any malfunction.

What is Specular Microscopy?

Specular Microscopy is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that helps evaluate the corneal endothelium in healthy and diseased eyes. It aids in diagnosing and managing several corneal disorders, such as Fuch’s endothelial dystrophy, uveitis, and congenital endothelial dystrophy. These conditions can affect the structure and function of the corneal endothelium. As a result, it can cause corneal edema and vision loss. Furthermore, overuse of contact lenses, aging, and intraocular surgery can damage the cornea’s endothelium.

Here is a schematic diagram of the principle of specular microscopy. Before modern technology, a slit-lamp biomicroscope is used to evaluate the structure and function of the corneal endothelium. With advanced research and development, the specular microscope has been repeatedly modified. Like the automatic, non-contact SP-1P, a specular microscope works by fixating light on the endothelial surface of the eye in which specularly reflected light rays are focused onto the monitor to capture the image of endothelial cells for analysis.

An accurate diagnosis of endothelial diseases through specular microscopy may be the key to determining the cause of edema and vision loss. With specular microscopy, a concise and elaborate treatment plan can be devised.

Why is the Specular Microscope SP-1P needed before eye surgery?

Before specular microscopy is used for examination, medical professionals must thoroughly understand the anatomy and physiology of corneal endothelial cells. This guarantees a better interpretation of the specular microscopy results.

The corneal endothelium is made of a monolayer of specialized hexagonal cells, allowing an even distribution of a collagen matrix necessary to maintain corneal health and transparency. And since endothelial cells don’t regenerate, any traumatic injury can only be repaired by a wound repair mechanism involving cellular migration and cellular fusion. Through this mechanism, the space voided by the damaged cells can be filled in by the adjacent endothelial cells either by stretching or fusing to reform the posterior surface of the cornea. This normal endothelial cell movement is called polymegethism. Although each eye always has a degree of polymegethism, elevated levels usually signify the start of a cornea endothelial disease. The advanced specular microscope SP-1P can help control corneal hydration to prevent edema. This is why SP-1P is a vital diagnostic tool before every cornea surgery.

The SP-1P helps facilitate treatment by ensuring a more accurate diagnosis of any corneal endotheliopathy. This advanced technology and a comprehensive clinical examination help our medical team provide the best eye care for you.

What are the features of the SP-1P?

The SP-1P is essential to be used before vision correction or cataract surgeries as it ensures that the cornea is suitable for surgery. It introduces a fully automatic capture procedure and its modern and well-functioning design to simplify its use and efficiency. With the following features, Topcon Healthcare has made yet another spectacular piece of equipment offering better patient interaction.

  1. Quick, automatic, and precise measurements and analysis
  2. Compact, space-saving design that offers patient comfort and quick operation speed.
  3. Swivel screen for safe-distanced positioning between the patient and the medical professional.
  4. By simply tapping on the center of the patient’s pupil displayed on the monitor, the SP-1P automatically centers, focuses, and captures the endothelial cell image, detecting the degree of central corneal thickness (CCT), cell density(CD) and other findings, thus increasing the reliability of the examination result.

EyeOnce Eye Clinic Premium Diagnostic Procedure

EyeOnce Eye Clinic prides itself on offering meticulous medical care to our patients exceeding their expectations once they leave the clinic. No unnecessary turns, just straightforward diagnostic procedures. We value our patients’ happiness and their goals to better vision. With our high-quality equipment, we are confident in imparting our skills and knowledge to give a satisfying eye healthcare. Our consistent efforts in investing towards perfecting our practice are paid off with the smile plastered on our patients’ faces once they finish their treatment course with us.

Through our SP-1P Specular microscope, we provide accurate and precise measurements and values to create a comprehensive treatment plan for you. Performing specular microscopy with the SP-1P is very simple, and our medical team is well-trained to operate such equipment. With the SP-1P, there is no need for elaborate preparation before your examination or anesthesia. However, we recommend that the patient blinks a few times before starting the eye evaluation since, to capture a clear image, one’s eyes must be still and focused. The SP-1P is known for its spectacular design that provides comfort for the patients and offers the operator convenience.

We welcome everyone from every part of the world to our humble clinic to experience world-class eye healthcare with our advanced and premium diagnostic equipment. Don’t hesitate to avail of our free consultation, whether in-person or online; we will be here to facilitate your eye needs and help you achieve healthier eyesight.