EyeOnce Eye Clinic is known for its premium advanced examination equipment. These different types of equipment help our medical team make an accurate and precise diagnosis for a smooth sailing treatment course. With years of experience and continuous knowledge, EyeOnce Eye Clinic has grown as the No. 1 Eye Clinic in South Korea over the past years. And we continue to grow by investing in powerful and high-quality technology to provide better and more convenient services.

Correct and precise examination of the eyes is critical to a successful prevention or treatment plan. Although having extensive knowledge is vital to come up with an accurate diagnosis, it is always better when accompanied by the right equipment. In the modern age, we must also adapt and upgrade in providing medical care because of the increasing number of those who suffer from one or two kinds of eye-vision problems globally. Eye vision problems may range from cataracts to myopia and astigmatism. Usually, these eye conditions involve refractive errors where the light in the eye’s retina bends in a way that causes blurry and cloudy vision or ultimately stops focusing light on the retina, which causes severe visual acuity.   

In this digital era, companies build machines and equipment with the latest design technology and ergonomics to feature accurate and stable measurements during examinations and diagnosis phases.

EyeOnce Eye Clinic is proud to invest in different types of new equipment with high-quality parts that feature the best functional design that will help guide us during consultations. One of this examination equipment is known as the KR-800 Auto Kerato Refractometer. This equipment is usually used to detect corneal curvature in the eyes.  

What are the features of the KR-800 Refractometer?

KR-800 is one of the leading technologies of Topcon Corporation. Topcon systems are renowned for their accuracy due to the proven Rotary Prism Technology that allows various functional features such as the following:

  1. Simple to use for our resident medical technicians/operators and doctors.
  2. Compact and modern design that keeps the patients at ease during examinations.
  3. Large LCD Touchscreen Panel convenient for use during consultations.
  4. High-tech system for unparalleled accuracy of diagnostic procedures.

KR-800 is built around Topcon’s unique Rotary Prism Technology, allowing incomparable precision and reliability. Through this system, the angle of the prism enables a broader area of the eye’s retina to be measured. Thus, this permits the off-centered ring target to cover areas that may be occluded by pupils as small as 2mm in diameter.  

What kind of conditions can the KR-800 detect?

The medical team of EyeOnce Eye Clinic is very experienced and well-trained to operate such equipment; hence accurate and detailed diagnoses are provided before creating a personalized treatment plan.

The KR-800 can detect refractive faults in the eye that causes myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, which is significantly effective for cataract or curvature correction surgeries. By carefully guiding the patient to look at the target inside the machine, KR-800 can measure the corneal curvature of the patient’s eye.

What is Corneal Curvature, and why does it need to be assessed?

Corneal curvature determines the cornea’s refractive power, which is beneficial for intraocular lens (IOL) calculations and corneal refractive surgeries. It is also significantly useful for contact lens fitting and detecting irregular astigmatism. A keratometry like the KR-800 Refractometer usually measures it.

Differences in power across the cornea (opposite meridians) can cause excessive corneal curvature resulting in astigmatism or any conditions involving a refractive error. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the corneal curvature and treat it accordingly.

KR-800 Refractometer is an automated method to assess the corneal curvature and produce precise measurements to be used as a guide in creating a treatment plan. K-800 is an internationally standardized equipment that helps practitioners acquire measurements that correlate with each other, unlike other low-quality machines that produce varied results and require numerous retakes that eventually lengthen the examination period, thus allowing disease progression.

Precautions before your examination with the K-800 Refractometer

EyeOnce Eye Clinic recommends the following to ensure accurate results after the eye inspection.

  1. Please avoid wearing contact lenses before your consultation for at least 1 – 3 weeks, depending on your lens type.
  2. If you have a dry eye disease, it is advisable that you return after it has been treated.
  3. During the examination, it is encouraged that you should sit comfortably so fixation can be maintained, with your eyes in a straight-ahead position into the targeting eyepiece in the KR-800.

These precautions prevent miscalculating measurements and alterations to the corneal contour, hindering treatment progress. EyeOnce Eye Clinic ensures that patients are fully informed about their procedure and will be in no discomfort during the examination process.

EyeOnce Eye Clinic Premium Examination Procedure

At EyeOnce, all the equipment is calibrated and guaranteed to be safe and of high quality. The KR-800 Refractometer is designed to produce results conducive to the patient’s diagnosis. EyeOnce ensures that our staff is well-trained and skilled to operate and control the KR-800 well. We make sure that your comfort is our utmost priority; hence why we devote ourselves to providing the finest services following our values and principles, making us one of the top excellent eye clinics in South Korea. Start your journey to excellent eye care with us by availing of our free, one-on-one online consultation. You will have the most satisfactory results with our premium examination techniques and high-quality equipment. We will help you realize your dream of regaining your once-clear vision!