Types of Contact Lenses: Eyeonce Eye Clinic Tips and Recommendations Eye Care March 13, 2024

Types of Contact Lenses: Eyeonce Eye Clinic Tips and Recommendations

Getting clear vision is like going on an adventure, and contact lenses are the tools that help us on this journey. In this guide, we will talk about the different types of contact lenses and their advantages and disadvantages, giving you the options that work best for your eyes. Our ophthalmologists at Eyeonce Eye Clinic, Dr. Paik Dong Won and Dr. Jung Sae Rom will help you choose the right lenses so your eyes stay healthy.

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What are contact lenses?

Contact lenses are tiny, thin, and transparent discs made of special materials that you place directly onto your eyes to help you see better. They work like eyeglasses but are placed right on the surface of your eyes. These lenses can correct various vision problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and even the need for reading glasses as you get older.

Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses move with your eyes, providing a more natural field of vision. They are popular for people who want clear vision without the hassle of wearing glasses. Contact lenses come in different types like daily disposables, extended wear, and lenses designed for specific eye conditions. At Eyeonce Eye Clinic, we help patients make smart decisions toward choosing contact lenses. Our eye care professionals believe that it is essential to choose the right type of contact lens based on one’s lifestyle and eye health needs. 


Some of the symptoms associated with ocular concussions are the following:

  • Blurred vision – Blurriness and haziness in one or both eyes is a common symptom of ocular concussions. It can make it difficult to see objects.
  • Double vision – Ocular concussions may result in double vision, where a single object appears as two separate images.
  • Sensitivity to light (photophobia) – Individuals with ocular concussions often become more sensitive to light. Even everyday levels of light can become uncomfortable or painful.
  • Eye pain – Pain or discomfort in the eye is another typical symptom. The eye may feel sore, achy, or even throbbing.
  • Nausea and vomiting – In severe cases, ocular concussions can trigger nausea and vomiting, similar to other head injuries. 

It is important to note that ocular concussions require immediate medical attention, as they can potentially lead to long-term vision problems or even permanent vision loss if not adequately treated. Eyeonce Eye Clinic offers diagnosis typically involving comprehensive eye examination, including visual acuity tests and imaging scans to assess the extent of the injury.

Why is choosing the right type of contact lenses important?

Choosing the right type of contact lenses is crucial for your eye health and comfort. At Eyeonce Eye Clinic, we understand that everyone’s eyes are unique, and selecting the appropriate lenses ensures clear vision and overall eye well-being. Here are some key reasons why choosing the right contact lens is crucial for you:

  • Comfort – The right lens ensures a comfortable fit throughout the day.
  • Eye Health – Properly chosen lenses reduce the risk of complications and promote overall eye health.
  • Clear Vision – Tailored lenses provide optimal vision correction for your specific needs.
  • Convenience – Different types, like disposables, offer convenient options that suit your lifestyle.
  • Flexibility – Options such as extended-wear lenses provide flexibility in how you wear and care for your lenses.
  • Specialized Solutions – Lenses designed for specific conditions (e.g., astigmatism) address unique eye challenges effectively.
  • Personalized Guidance – Seeking advice from experts at Eyeonce Eye Clinic ensures personalized recommendations aligned with your preferences and eye health.

By making informed choices, you are not just enhancing your vision, you are also investing in the health and happiness of your eyes.

Types of Contact Lenses

Let us explore the various types of contact lenses, along with their advantages and disadvantages, while also incorporating expert insights from Eyeonce Eye Clinic.




Eyeonce Tip

Rigid Gas-Permeable (RGP) Lenses

  • RGP Lenses are robust and long-lasting, providing extended use without frequent replacements.
  • Excellent clarity, especially for those with complex prescriptions or astigmatism.
  • Resistant to protein and debris buildup, maintaining clear vision.
  • Ideal for conditions where soft lenses may not provide optimal correction.
  • Initial discomfort and adjustment are required during the adaptation phase.
  • Requires diligent cleaning and care routines for optimal performance.
  • Initially may feel less comfortable compared to soft lenses.
  • Generally, more expensive than soft lenses, impacting affordability.

For those seeking durability and precise vision, RGP lenses might be recommended. Our eye care professionals will guide you through the adaptation phase for maximum comfort.

Extended-Wear Lenses

  • Suitable for continuous wear, including overnight, providing flexibility
  • Requires less daily maintenance compared to daily wear lenses.
  • There is a less frequent need for replacements, saving time.
  • Ideal for those with demanding schedules or irregular sleep patterns.
  • Prolonged wear may heighten the risk of complications such as infections, especially if not properly maintained.
  • Unsuitable for some individuals due to eye health considerations.
  • Regular eye check-ups are essential to monitor eye health.
  • Some users may experience dryness or discomfort.

Extended-wear lenses offer convenience but require careful consideration for individual eye health. Consultation with expert eye doctors such as those from Eyeonce Eye Clinic is crucial to ensure suitability.

Extended-Wear Disposable Lenses

  • Regular disposable reduces the risk of infections and ensures clean lenses.
  • Offers extended wear without the commitment of long-term use.
  • Frequent replacements maintain a comfortable wearing experience.
  • Ideal for travel, eliminating the need for extensive lens care.
  • Can be more expensive due to the need for frequent replacements.
  • Some users may experience initial discomfort in awareness.
  • Regular disposal contributes to environmental waste.
  • Extended-wear disposable lenses are not designed for continuous wear.

Balancing hygiene and comfort, extended-wear disposable lenses are ideal for those seeking flexibility with regular replacements.

Planned Replacement Lenses

  • Simplified care routine with scheduled replacements.
  • Often more affordable than daily disposables, suitable for budget-conscious individuals.
  • Regular replacements ensure a consistently comfortable wearing experience.
  • Available for various prescriptions and conditions.
  • Adherence to replacement schedules is essential for optimal eye health.
  • Some deposit buildup is possible over the replacement period.
  • Extended use between replacements may lead to discomfort for some.
  • Not designed for prolonged, continuous wear.

Planned replacement lenses offer a balance between cost and convenience. Eyeonce Eye Clinic provides guidance on replacement schedules for optimal eye health.

Understanding these advantages and disadvantages can help individuals make informed decisions based on their lifestyle, preferences, and eye health needs. Always consult with Eyeonce Eye Clinic for personalized guidance.

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Why consider contact lenses?

Contact lenses offer various benefits, and at Eyeonce, we recognize the importance of these advantages for our patients. Here are some compelling reasons to consider contact lenses:

  • Natural appearance – Contact lenses provide a natural and unobstructed view of your eyes, allowing your facial features to shine without the frames of glasses.
  • Unrestricted Vision – Unlike glasses, contact lenses move with your eyes, providing a broader field of vision without any frame limitations. This is particularly beneficial in activities like sports.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics – Contact lenses offer the flexibility to experiment with different eye colors and styles, allowing you to express your unique personality and style.
  • Active Lifestyle Compatibility – For those with active lifestyles, contact lenses provide the freedom to engage in sports and outdoor activities without the hindrance of glasses.
  • Comfort and Convenience – Contact lenses eliminate the discomfort of frames on your nose and ears. They do not fog up in different temperatures, providing a hassle-free vision correction solution.
  • No Visual Distortions – Contact lenses sit directly on the eye, providing a more natural vision experience without the visual distortions that can occur with certain eyeglass prescriptions.
  • Enhanced Peripheral Vision – Contact lenses offer improved peripheral vision, contributing to a more comprehensive and natural view of your surroundings.
  • Prescription Flexibility – Contact lenses can correct various vision issues, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and even presbyopia, offering versatile solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Reduced Eye Glare – Glasses may reflect light, causing glare. Contact lenses eliminate this issue, providing clear vision even in bright or low-light conditions.
  • Freedom to Change Eye Color – Colored contact lenses allow you to experiment with different eye colors, providing a temporary and reversible way to change your appearance.

At Eyeonce, we understand that each individual has unique vision needs and preferences. Our expert team is here to guide you through the process of considering and adopting contact lenses, ensuring that you enjoy the benefits of clear vision tailored to your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Contact lenses are generally suitable for many individuals, but it depends on factors like eye health, lifestyle, and preferences.

Replacement frequency varies by type. Daily disposables are discarded daily, while others have specific schedules.

Yes. Contact lenses provide comfortable and unrestricted vision during sports.


In the world of vision correction, contact lenses stand out as a versatile and advantageous choice. Whether it is the freedom to express your style, engage in active pursuit without limitations, or enjoy a natural field of vision, contact lenses offer a myriad of benefits. Experience the freedom of unhindered vision, and let Eyeonce be your partner on this journey to a clearer and more comfortable way of seeing the world. Book an appointment today!