It is alarming how many people worldwide have a visual impairment and are not lucky enough to have a pair of glasses. According to data gathered in 2015 produced by the Vision Loss Expert Group, about 1.1 billion people globally have near-vision impairment simply because they do not have a pair of spectacles to correct their vision. And the prevalence rate of visually impaired people worldwide has since been increasing, especially for those living in developing countries. The low availability of eye care services, financial burden, and minimal knowledge about eye care health is why the increasing prevalence of vision impairment persists.

A few leading causes of visual acuity are uncorrected refractive errors, cataracts, and glaucoma. Globally, most people with vision impairment are over the age of 50 years, but people of all ages can still be affected. You might be surprised how a single pair of eyeglasses can dramatically change and improve the lives of visually impaired people in low-income countries regarding educational opportunities, public safety, occupational health, or the ability to perform daily activities.

Here at EYEONCE Eye Clinic, we encounter incoming patients daily getting all kinds of vision correction surgery and then leaving the clinic satisfied without needing a pair of eyeglasses to see clearly. This comes to the question of what to do with the eyeglasses that do not fulfill their duty anymore. Thus, our team at EYEONCE Eye Clinic came up with the idea to coordinate with an organization that accepts donations of used eyewear to share with those who can’t afford eye correction vision surgery. Most of the used spectacles are donated to developing countries such as Nepal, Tanzania, and Cambodia, where children and adults benefit from these donated goods.

After every LASIK, LASEK, or CLEAR SMILE LASIK surgery a patient undergoes, we encourage them to donate their glasses that will not be of use anymore to help those who need them more. This approach can help people from the other side of the world experience what it is like to have a better and clearer vision. We can also spread awareness of how critical eye care is in our daily lives and how simple eyeglasses can restore clear eyesight. By donating their eyeglasses after a refractive correction surgery, our patients are helping people from Cambodia, Nepal, and Tanzania study, get around their daily life safely, and not struggle with vision problems. EYEONCE Eye Clinic strives to be an advocate for promoting eye health through this donation drive.  

At EYEONCE Eye Clinic, we aim to bring happiness in any way we can to our patients and extend it throughout the world. As we stand on our principle to help our patients fully regain their gift of sight, we would also like to share it with those who do not have the means to afford it. Our mission to keep our patients happy through our service makes us strive to continue spreading the love through partnering with organizations such as The 나눔, to help others have a better vision.

SEE HERE: The image roughly translates to “Sharing glasses with love. The eyewear you shared and donated will be delivered to essential neighboring communities in Nepal, Cambodia and Tanzania.”

We are true to our promise of sharing our expertise and services with those who are especially in need. EYEONCE Eye Clinic contributes to various organizations that specialize in aiding those in need of vision and ophthalmic care. Dr. Baek Dong Won, CEO of EYEONCE Eye Clinic imparts that the most important value for humans is happiness, thus we truly believe that genuine medical care does not end at the clinic, rather it can reach and touch our patients’ daily lives no matter how indirect. Through this donation project, we can continue to provide happiness and also receive great joy through their well-being.

You can be one of our partners for change. Help us make a difference by donating your old eyewear after any vision correction surgery you have undergone with us. Here is how you can donate your old specs.

  1. After having undergone any type of vision correction surgery at EYEONCE Eye Clinic, we highly encourage you to bring and donate your eyewear. It will be deemed unusable for you, having successfully undergone eye vision surgery.
  2. A glass box is placed near our information lounge where you can drop off your old eyewear.
  3. A staff member will guide you if you have any additional queries regarding the donation.
  4. The eyewear will be sorted and delivered to economically disadvantaged communities in Nepal, Cambodia, and Tanzania through our partner organizations.

SEE HERE: A patient brought and donated his old eyewear after a successful CLEAR LASIK surgery at EYEONCE Eye Clinic Gangnam.

Sharing your old specs is very easy and you also get to help both children and adults enjoy clear vision for their daily lives. We especially want to thank all the patients who donated their glasses after their successful vision correction surgery with us. Their donation also proves the success of their correction surgeries where they can go around their daily lives without glasses! What a fresh way to start the new year! Help us make clear vision accessible and raise global awareness of how essential eye health care is economically and socially.

LOOK: We are thankful to our patients who have donated their old glasses after their successful eye vision surgery here at EYEONCE Eye Clinic.

Start investing in your eye health and avail of our services for your eye issues. We cater to all kinds of eye problems, from vision problems to cataracts and glaucoma. Don’t wait till it gets worse because prevention is always the best cure. We can help you see the world clearly and guarantee you your comfort and safety through our internationally recognized procedures and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Investing in your health also means you get to help other people too. Make a difference with us and share the love by donating your used spectacles once you have undergone successful surgery here at EYEONCE Eye Clinic.